Boarding/Grooming/Day Camp

Boarding/Grooming/Day Camp

Dog Boarding

While you traveling for work, on vacation or just taking care of life, we can provide a great getaway at the Dog Camp for your dog. Skylights and spacious indoor/outdoor overnight cabins create a comfortable, safe environment where your dog can rest well. We supply Kurunda off the floor beds, daily walks with our Camp Counselors, 15 minute cuddle sessions, and much more to help your camper feel right at home. An hour of group play is included with your reservation, but if you would prefer that your camper play all day we can add that to his/her schedule. Dogs are still welcome to stay in a traditional doghouse at Maple Tree Veterinary Hospital. Those stays will be the basic boarding without the list of amenities shown for the cabins.


Cat Boarding

We also offer boarding for cats in our Tree Top Cat Condos which can be seen from the lobby picture below!
Cats are away from all of the noise of the Dog Camp and looking out into the trees from our second-floor cat condos. In addition to being well taken care of by our boarding staff, the condos are located next to our team break room so your kitties will enjoy getting visited by our team members throughout the day. If they are friendly we will let them into the breakroom to stretch and enjoy a more spacious area one at a time. Kitties are given a condo that allows for a separate space for eating, sleeping and taking care of their necessities! If appropriate, we can enlarge their condo to enjoy boarding with others in their family. 

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Grooming for Dogs & Cats

Are you tired of wrestling with your pet when it’s time for a bath? Are you nervous about trimming nails? Is regular brushing becoming a chore? Has your pet’s hair become tangled, dirty, or matted?We offer a convenient, affordable solution at Maple Tree Veterinary Hospital and Dog Camp located in Waynesville, North Carolina. The Dog Camp addition was built in 2013 for the purpose of providing an exceptionally clean, safe, high-quality dog and cat grooming facility. In our care, your companion will be given only the finest of superior pet care. Our professional and friendly staff are highly trained, not only ensuring your pet’s comfort and safety but also delivering a polished, customized look that we are you’ll love! While your pet is with us they will enjoy being in a compassionate, loving environment where we focus on reducing stress. Your dog will enjoy being able to spend time in the grooming suite with our groomers before and after their groom. They only spend a short time in a crate while drying. Call Maple Tree Dog Camp 828-246-9770 to schedule your pet’s grooming appointment today!


3 tiers of grooming allow for customization:

Bath $22-$56
Silhouette $35-$78
Premium $44-$105

Additional services:

The Furminator: great for dogs and cats that shed a lot!
Teeth brushing: help keep on top of dental care for your campers
Medicated bath: prescription soak for skin issues
Deodorizing: perfect for those pesky skunk visits
(We can also arrange for an exit bath or groom after your dog has been camping with us, either overnight or day camp.)

Puppy and Kitten Grooming

If you are the proud owner of an adorable puppy or kitten, it is best to get your new pet acquainted with being groomed at an early age. This will familiarize your little furry friend with proper grooming manners and will create a more comfortable, relaxed pet on the groomer’s table for years to come.


Cat grooming is also available. Most cats require sedation for this grooming which requires being established with our hospital for the procedure to be scheduled appropriately.


We welcome you and your pet to come by for a happy visit. Meet our Camp team, get a treat and ask any questions you have about our services. We close from 12:30-2:30 in order to have constant supervision of the dogs at camp and allow our team members to take a break for lunch.
Dog Camp Phone: (828) 246-9770

Dog Camp

We are offering a unique experience for your dog that will provide stimulation and socialization while teaching basic manners. The Dog Camp is a safe, loving place where dogs will experience enrichment and form bonds with other dogs and Camp Counselors. Click Here to learn more!


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For general information, questions, appointment requests, call us at:

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Dog Camp: 828-246-9770
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